Thursday, April 3

College Essay

I am perfect because I create. Some may disagree, you may even disagree. Your existence is arguable though, just as much as my own is, although I believe I exist. My music also exists. Descartes is attributed with saying “Dubito ergo cogito; cogito ergo sum.” this suggest that to doubt and to think is to exist. “I think theretofore I am,” sounds like something sensible. Let’s just assume I think and that I am writing for someone who also thinks.
Music can feel doubt. I believe doubt is a useless human leash that squelches creativity. In writing music I can express what I want, how I want to. My writing style is very different than most because I don’t us the normal set up of a song, with a verse then a chorus, and then repeat the process. I love catchy choruses though. At my favorite performance of my career I had the entire audience singing along with something I wrote, even though they had never heard the song before. It was the best high anyone could encounter, and it reestablished my want to make music.
Music has always interested me. At first I merely sang on stage during musical theatre performances that my mother musical directed. She would let me roam the stage without much direction, but still making sure I staying within the world of the scene. She let me build my character without much direction, but she made sure made sense in the world.
Music has become the center of my life. It is what I live for. I look for things that can further my music making. I understand music theory, but I know how to brake the rules. I think the core concept for making music is that it isn’t important where you are but where you are going. I note can sound conformable one moment, but then can resolve, making both notes make sense. Strictly following music theory steals potential artists from the world, but you have to understand the rules to brake in the music world. Music is a personal experience and is not exactly the same between anyone.
I feel the same way about faith. No two people have the same beliefs. I believe death is a sad truth. To live is to eventually also die. I was almost led to a shared with my mother when I was being birthed. I enjoyed my mother so much I didn’t want to leave and this created problems for my mother and me. I almost passed away because of me conium aspiration. I would have greatly regretted causing my mother to join me in death. I however wouldn’t’ have doubted that I was going to write this inevitable paper should I have been able to know of its existence.
I love that I am part of a species that can question existence. Now, does this thinking of my possible lack of existence bother me? No, in fact I think it is a fun concept to deal with. I believe there is only a marginal phase of Thomas Gray’s suggestion that “ignorance is bliss.” If one accept Descartes’ belief that “I think, therefore I am,” ten to be, on must think, and to think one must know. Ipso facto, to know less is to be less. To not know about certain things may lead to a false sense of safety, which is what we are all only chasing. To only know about the premonition may lead to a lock this aforementioned bliss. Further thought lead us to acknowledge death, but not lose sleep over it, because everyone dies, which is a sad truth. Just as this paper is ending so does life

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Kenneth M5 said...

This was the funnest paper I've ever written. It was really open ended let me really open my brain in a way I thought was best for a college to view me. I really thought I did a decent job of turning Ken McKeen into to 2 page essay.